Bund der Öffentlich bestellten Vermessungsingenieure e.V. (BDVI)
Luisenstr. 46
10117 Berlin

Tel.: 030 2408383
Fax: 030 24083859

E-Mail: info@bdvi.de
Internet: www.bdvi.de

About us

Founded in 1949, the BDVI has existed for over 60 years. Today, we have more than 1300 members. This means that 90% of all publicly appointed surveyors in Germany are members of this professional association. As a business and professional organisation, the BDVI represents the interests of its members amongst each other was well as vis-à-vis politics, the industry and administration. 

History. The BDVI can look back on a 100-year tradition in representing the interests of self-employed surveyors. It has become one of the most important associations in the surveying profession. Its development was shaped by periods of historical upheaval, such as Germany's reconstruction after World War II and the German reunification. Today, we have our sights set on a European future.

Organisational form. The BDVI is a registered association with its own articles of association. Besides such information as its name and address and the membership requirements, they also state the purpose, tasks and organs of the association. The BDVI is also registered as a consultation partner for Members of Parliament of the German Bundestag.

Position. In order to describe and underline the social importance of the publicly appointed surveyors' profession, the Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the Laender of the Federal Republic of Germany (AdV) and the BDVI jointly compiled aMemorandum. It describes the joint basic position vis-à-vis the official surveying sector.

Professional standards. In 2009, the members of the BDVI established the professional standards for their profession as well as the arbitration rules for BDVI members. The professional standards strengthen the standing of the profession and nurture self-employment ethics. These are related to surveying in both the public and non-public field. The arbitration rules help to settle disputes between members of the BDVI.