Bund der Öffentlich bestellten Vermessungsingenieure e.V. (BDVI)
Luisenstr. 46
10117 Berlin

Tel.: 030 2408383
Fax: 030 24083859

E-Mail: info@bdvi.de
Internet: www.bdvi.de

    What we do for our members

    In addition to being a point of contact for its members, the BDVI also supports and promotes them, and represents their interests.We are at your service for all issues concerning publicly appointed surveyors.We are primarily concerned with the following objectives:

    Shaping the framework conditions.The BDVI is intent on optimising the legal, economic and political framework conditions for publicly appointed surveyors.

    For this reason, we ensure that the activities of publicly appointed surveyors are well established in laws, regulations, decrees and directives.

    Creating flexibility.The BDVI is committed to the corporate success of SMEs and of the freelancers.Our aim is for all surveying activities to be transferred from the public authorities to the publicly appointed surveyors.In addition, we develop recommendations on how to reduce bureaucracy and the level of regulation.

    Cost transparency.We consider it important that the costs are transparent and that quality standards in surveying are adhered to.

    Competition.Competition is good for business. We wish to create incentives in order to encourage our members to further enhance their competencies and to keep lively competition.

    Seen from a broader perspective.The BDVI cooperates with national and European institutions of the liberal professions.