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    Chronicle: 60 years of BDVI

    After World War II and the division of Germany into four occupation zones, surveyors also have to begin reviving their associations. The laws of the Third Reich remain intact and thus the basis of their profession, so that the associations "only" need to restructure themselves again. Over time different professional codes start to develop in the individual federal states, meaning that the long-sought standardisation of the law is again cancelled.

    On 30 April 1949, the Association of Publicly Appointed Surveyors, the BDVI, was founded in Düsseldorf in order to represent this profession. The association has existed now for 60 years.

    More than enough reason to celebrate this anniversary, and more than enough reason to draw attention to a few excerpts from the association's history.. A more detailed version (in German) can be found here

    One quotation from the former articles of association describes the purpose of the association, which applies just as much today as it did 60 years ago: "The purpose of this association is to protect and promote all the interests of publicly appointed surveyors, to nurture the relationship of trust with the regulatory authorities within the meaning of the applicable professional code, and the promotion of the knowledge and expertise of its members and their employees."

    Who does not know the past, is not able to understand the future.
    (Golo Mann)