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    We take a stand on behalf of our members

    The job of a publicly appointed surveyor is very demanding, versatile and is affected by day-to-day demands and developments. The BDVI attentively observes both the new as well as the ever-recurring issues and takes a stand on behalf of its members.

    Interest Group Geodesy

    The geodesy syndicate (Interessengemeinschaft Geodäsie, IGG) represents the three national geodetic associations - BDVI (Bund der Öffentlich bestellten Vermessungsingenieure e.V.), DVW (Gesellschaft für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement e.V.) und VDV (Verband Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure e.V.). The alliance aims at representing conjointly the field of surveying towards society and the political sector as well as at implementing coordinated recruitment activities in view of the current skills shortage.

    Issue: Publicly appointed surveyors in the GIS market

    Bypasses, shopping centres, wind turbines, power lines or nature reserves - you wouldn't get very far with any of these without geo-information. The data is increasingly made available to the public, but not everyone knows how to make correct use of them. Publicly appointed surveyors provide genuine in-depth analyses of the geo-information; and thus the basis on which appropriate decisions can be made which are fully compliant with the law.

    The publicly appointed surveyor and INSPIRE

    Practical examples on how to build a geodata infrastructure

    Issue: Energy transition

    The energy transition also means new planning, new constructions, reconstructions and extensions. Here a transregional power line is needed, there it is photovoltaic plants, wind turbines or energy storage systems. The measures are based on the available geodata. Publicly appointed surveyors play a central role in the use of this data.

    Issue: Quality management

    Quality is the be-all and end-all of working as a publicly appointed surveyor. In their joint definition of their profession, publicly appointed surveyors commit themselves to maintaining the highest quality standards - both with their official tasks as with privately contracted assignments. The BDVI supports its members in achieving long-term quality control.

    Issue: HOAI – renewing the Fee Regulations for Architects and Engineers

    What do planning services cost? One glance at the Fee Regulations for Architects and Engineers (HOAI) will give you an idea. The question is: Does surveying fall under planning services? The BDVI is committed to re-incorporating surveying as a listed planning service as an integral element of the HOAI.

    Issue: Property valuation - BDVI's fee recommendations

    Publicly appointed surveyors issue market value appraisals for developed and undeveloped sites. But what do these services cost? The BDVI offers clients and publicly appointed surveyors a reliable guideline for what fees may be charged for valuation reports. Do make use of the free download.

    Issue: The Recognised European Valuer (REV) quality seal

    The Recognised European Valuer certification which is valid throughout Europe may be obtained from the BDVI. The association has been accredited by TEGoVA (The European Group of Valuers’ Associations) for issuing these certificates.

    Details on the REV scheme