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    10 advantages of being a BDVI member

    Being a BDVI member pays off in a number of ways. A strong association is in a good position to move things; it forms a platform for networking, exchange and vocational training and generally helps to enhance the standing of the profession. As a BDVI member you especially benefit from these advantages:

    1. Strengthening the profession of publicly appointed surveyors. .
    The BDVI takes a strong stand for you. It gives you a voice vis-à-vis the politicians/government, business and administration, and it does this not only at the regional but also at the national and international levels. It is in a position to influence the legislative procedure and to perform professional public relations work on behalf of its members.

    2. Top news and information.
    As a BDVI member you have access to up-to-date and important specialist information and events. You will also have access to the magazine FORUM, to FORUM special issues, to the BDVI information newsletter, to notifications from the association's lawyers as well as extensive download material from the BDVI internal site. You will also be able to get useful tips on specialist books, expert opinions and statistics. The events calendar will keep you up-to-date regarding interesting events.

    3. Acquisitions. Advertising. Presentation.
    Let yourself be found! A sophisticated search function on the BDVI website makes it easy for potential clients to find you. You don't have to do anything. You can also make use of the BDVI logo and flyers for your presentation (in German only, e.g. on the topics "Publicly appointed surveyors are active on your behalf", "Advanced geodata management", "Everything has its price", "Every building has its value", "Building valuations", "Follow your calling as a publicly appointed surveyor"). Or alternatively, use the tools available to create your own flyer or enhance customer loyalty with attractive giveaways. BDVI members also have the opportunity to attend many different events, conferences and educational trips. The BDVI represents you at fairs such as INTERGEO and EXPO REAL.

    4. Legal advice.
    BDVI members can also take advantage of the advice provided by the association's competent lawyers in all fields.

    5. Assistance for corporate management.
    With all issues concerning your company, you will find plenty of useful and competent support provided by the BDVI in the form of: the professional standards, quality management handbook, sample contracts, general terms and conditions of engineering contracts, notifications from the associations' lawyers, law compilations, and online legal support and synopses. There is also a job fair and a used equipment market, where you can search and find employees or buy and sell equipment that you need for your daily work.

    6. Start-ups made easy.
    When you first start up a company you have lots of questions. The BDVI supports you with start-up consultations, opinions and research.

    7. BDVI educational institute.
    Completely tailored to the needs of publicly appointed surveyors: the association's educational institute offers an attractive choice of specialist and management seminars, as well as seminars for those starting their careers.

    8. New fields of activity.
    Do you want to expand your portfolio? The BDVI will support you: from REV certification to fee recommendations for property evaluation, from GIS to quality management.

    9. VIP discounts.
    BDVI members are "Very Important Persons" and can benefit from a number of special offers. They can, for example, automatically become a member of the German Association of Surveying (DVW), free of charge, and can also take advantage of special offers for insurance premiums, seminars offered by the DVW and VDV (Association of German Surveyors), the Sprengnetter Academy, the Runder Tisch GIS (GIS Round Table), Olzog Publishing House or translation services. Furthermore, the BDVI has a social fund which supports members in case of emergencies and their surviving dependents in the event of their death.

    10. Annual highlight: the BDVI Congress.
    Whoever has been there once, will always want to come again. The congress takes place once a year at different venues. There are lectures, an extensive fringe programme and, of course, the Members' Meeting.