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    Surveying training courses

    Anyone wishing to start vocational training in the field of geo-information technology has two possible career options to choose from: surveying technician and geomatician. These new vocations have existed since the training requirements for this profession were revised and introduced on 1 August 2010. These are recognised vocational training courses, according to the German Vocational Training Act (BBiG), involving a three-year dual training on the job and part-time at a vocational school.

    Please read the following synopsis of the two professions requiring formal training and see what requirements need to be met and what to take into account when applying,

    ProfileParticularitiesEmployers / Training facilities
    Surveying technicianFundamentals of geo-information Surveying methods and calculations

    Technical surveying (new: industrial surveying and monitoring measurements)

    Land survey register, building and land reallocation, property valuation
    Specialisation in the 3rd year of education in one of the following areas:


    Mine surveying
    Publicly appointed surveyors, surveying or engineering offices, state or communal land registry or surveying offices, federal surveying authorities, offices for agricultural policy, water and shipping departments
    GeomaticianGeodata management (gathering, processing, presenting and modelling of digital and analogue geodata)

    Visualisation and design

    Customer support and marketing
    Cartography and surveying as well as remote sensing, photogrammetry and GIS will be merged for the first time in this new recognised vocation

    Surveying, land registry and geo-information departments

    Cartographic establishments and publishing houses


    Remote sensing companies

    Engineering offices, companies and departments that use geo-information systems


    Similarities between the two forms of education


    Information and communication systems, profession-oriented legal and administrative provisions, scientific and mathematic foundations of geo-information technology.

    Educational structure

    The same qualification is obtained in the first year, followed by further qualifications in specific fields.

    Applicants shall fulfil these requirements

    Generally one is expected to have completed a secondary school leaving certificate or general qualification for university entrance. However, officially, no specific school-leaving certificate is stipulated.

    Those who wish to attend the course should consider whether they fulfil the following credentials:

    • structured thinking
    • a diligent manner of working
    • good mathematical skills
    • interest in computer technology, physics and geography
    • good general knowledge
    • good spatial abilities
    • good drawing skills
    • a desire for field work

    Application procedure

    Where to apply?

    Publicly appointed surveyors, for instance. Trainees do both office and field work and can thus gain hands-on and all-round experience. You can find offices of publicly appointed surveyors in your vicinity on our website. Take a look at the menu item "Publicly appointed surveyors" and "Active surveyors" or have a peak at our job fair.

    When and how to apply?

    The vocational training begins on 1 August. Your application must have been received by the office conducting the vocational training by 31 December of the previous year at the very latest. Your application should include a cover letter, at least one photo, your CV and a copy of your last school certificate.

    What happens then?

    Suitable candidates are usually invited to take an aptitude test. The applicant is asked to solve technical, mathematical and general problems. Those who fare well in the test, will be invited to an interview.

    If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Jörg Burchardt via E-Mail (burchardt[at]bdvi.de) or by phone (+49 30-2408383).