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Vocation as a publicly appointed surveyor

How much of a publicly appointed surveyor are you?

Surveyors can choose from a variety of careers. Some might choose an administrative job, while others might choose a career in business. And then there is the special professional category of publicly appointed surveyors. What sets this job apart: publicly appointed surveyors are authorised by the state to carry out cadastral surveys and certify facts that were ascertained through surveying investigations on land.

The profession of a surveyor has a high social standing and only highly qualified people are admitted to this professional group.

Qualification. Anyone who is a publicly appointed surveyor has demonstrated that they have attained a high qualification and extensive experience. Furthermore, a publicly appointed surveyor must be comfortable working as a freelancer, and must love and be able to master challenges and assume responsibility both on behalf of his employees and his business.

Profile. You must be a die-hard surveyor. These are the qualities you need to have to be a successful publicly appointed surveyor:

  • a high degree of professional competence
  • a strong sense of responsibility
  • the ability to work independently
  • a business-oriented way of thinking
  • high motivation
  • leadership skills
  • a high level of commitment
  • creativity and flexibility

Does this sound like you? The job of a publicly appointed surveyor may be exactly what captures your interest and distinguishes you? We look forward to perhaps having you join us as a colleague soon!