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Publicly appointed surveyor - a slightly different kind of surveyor

Publicly appointed surveyors are highly qualified surveying experts. As appointed liberal professionals, they fulfil official tasks on behalf of the state and are thus functionally equivalent to an administrative authority. For example, they carry out official cadastral surveys and may perform attestations and issue certificates. Since publicly appointed surveyors carry a lot of responsibility, the way they perform the tasks is defined in the professional code.

The model of appointing an independent surveyor binds the services provided to the state's Fee Regulation Act (Kostenordnung). The beneficial side-effect of this is that it leads to quality-boosting competition.

The system of ownership protection for land guaranteed in Article 14 of the German constitution requires that the official duties of surveying must be guaranteed by the state.

More detailed information on the system of ownership protection

Who can become a publicly appointed surveyor?

To become a publicly appointed surveyor you have to have been appointed by the regulatory authority. The prerequisite for this is that you have a qualification as an engineer to perform mid- and upper-level public surveying and have extensive professional experience in this field, i.e. at least several years' experience in performing cadastral surveys.