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(According to the surveying laws and the professional code, these involve):

  1. Ordnance surveying duties
  2. Surveying and cadastral administration, cadastral surveys
  3. Authenticating facts established by surveying establishments with irrebuttable presumption of their accuracy

as well as surveying, geodata and property valuations.

In detail:

1. Cadastral surveying

Partition surveys

  • Formation of new contractually agreed property boundaries, establish the boundaries laid down in development plans
  • Establish the boundaries in a reallocation process

Boundary surveys

  • Determining the legitimate and geometrically correct position of the boundary points based on historical measurements and markings
  • New demarcation of missing boundary signs

Building surveys

  • Surveys of elongated sites, e.g. as-built surveys after completing roadwork

2. Surveying

  • Creation of site plan and topographical surveys, e.g. as planning documents for architects and builders
  • Staking out of buildings
  • Creation of as-built plans, e.g. for electricity, gas, water supply and waste water lines, for comprehensive consultancy services

3. Graphic data processing / GIS

  • Digitisation of cadastral maps
  • Recording, evaluation and management of specific cadastres, e.g. line cadastres, canal cadastres, landfill cadastres, tree cadastres, etc.
  • Developing and setting up geo-information systems
  • Demand-oriented refinement of geodata as a basis for user-defined geo-information

4. Planning

  • Preparation of planning documents for the creation of development plans on the basis of the cadastral entries
  • Editing of road and development plans, watercourse adjustments, pipeline plans, property and easement contracts
  • Drawing up of land use and development plans for the municipalities and districts

5. Assessment

  • Preparation of market value appraisals for developed and undeveloped properties
  • Participation in the specialist committees of the districts, towns and municipalities according to the Federal Building Code (BauGB)
  • Experts' reports on the boundary and building processes and on encumbrances under land law

6. Land reallocation

  • Participation in land reallocation measures according to the Land Consolidation Act
  • Participation in the reallocation of building land, according to the Federal Building Code (BauGB)
  • Dissolution
  • Comprehensive consultancy in the event of land consolidation measures